Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I can DO it!

 Our little raccoon baby is becoming quite independent. She grabs the bottle and wants to hold it herself, the problem is it weighs more than she can handle for more than a few seconds. It falls to the floor, she scrambles in a frantic manner to locate it and try as she might she cannot figure out how to get it back into her mouth with any success. I spend the entire feeding session placing the bottle back in her mouth and fighting her for control of the situation. SHE WANTS TO DO IT!  She is one feisty little raccoon. I can't help but wonder what the next few weeks will bring

  She has discovered that raccoons are curious.....yes it is bred into them....nothing is safe from their prying eyes and sensitive feet.

She is beginning to eat solid food now, mostly grapes, cherries and bananas. I've given her some dog food soaked in her milk and she seems to like it. Although I think she like taking the dog food and putting it in the water bowl and playing with it,more than she likes eating it.

Here she is sampling cherries, which seem to be her favorite.

My first trip outside...I'm not sure about this green stuff...

MOMMY! Hold me..pleaseeeee.

I've got a secret!


  1. That is just the most cutest adorablist wonderfulist little raccoon I've ever seen. :)
    You certainly brought a smile to my face tonight with those photos.

  2. They sure are cute when they are small....then they get big....kind of like our own kids huh? LOL
    She is a handful though,she is getting fiercely independent and very argumentative....hmmmm I guess they really are like our kids...

  3. how adorable she is!!! she's got that twinkle gonna get into trouble look ;)

  4. LOL, you have no idea. She is into EVERYTHING!!!! She climbed on top one of my end table tonight and knocked everything off of it. She runs and launches herself at my legs and tries to climb them and let tell you she has SHARP claws!!!! She attacks the cat....wrestles the chihuahua. She is an absolute ball of fire and she is only 9 weeks old....I can only imagine what the next few months will be like until we can release her.

  5. Feisty... cute words now, huh?! Love the pictures, more please! :)

  6. Feisty is putting it mildly...OMG She is ornery!!!

  7. Ohmygawd. That is serious cuteness. Combined with their innate "badness?" I am totally smitten with raccoons.

  8. LOL Maria, I can't help but love them too, even for their destructiveness they are still adorable.