Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby Jay

This is one from the archives. In spring of 2007 I was out exploring one of my favorite conservation areas near my home. Happy Holler offers many opportunities to see wildlife up close. This little Blue Jay had recently left the nest and was clinging to the side of a moss covered tree with such a sweet yet serious look on his face. As if to say "Uh MOM, this isn't fun anymore!!" He had two siblings nearby on the ground hiding behind some bushes. This little fellow seemed the most courageous of the three. This spring will bring about a whole new batch of young baby birds. Many times well meaning people scoop them up thinking they are in danger, or that mom abandoned them. Remember if they have feathers like this one, they are ready to leave the nest and not to worry, mom and dad are nearby feeding and watching over them. Keep your cats and dogs indoors, or at least keep them away from these new fledglings as best as you can. If you happen across a young bird with NO feathers this little bird had a mishap and needs to be placed back into the nest (if you are able to safely reach it, we don't want any broken bones) Do not worry about your scent being on the young bird, mom and dad can't smell. Keep your eyes open for these young fliers, it is a great feeling to watch them leave the nest and try their hand (or wings) at flying. To see the parents interact with them, and to fight off potential predators is sometimes humorous.
Keep a camera handy, you never know what interesting photo op. will present itself.

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