Saturday, March 28, 2009

Relaxation on the River

Elrod Mill Conservation Area is located along the Platte River. As I mentioned before it is one of my favorite spots for relaxation along the river. There are large sand bars and rippling water flowing over the rocks in the shallows. The banks of the river are tree lined and there are always many birds to watch or listen too. Skipping stones, reading and sunbathing are well spent activities here. It is also a great place for photographic opportunities...many deer and raccoons come to drink from the river. It is located North of Savannah Missouri approximately 15 miles. I drive the back roads to get there and it is a long leisurely drive that I enjoy almost as much as Elrod Mill itself.


  1. And I thought all of the banks of the Platte River were mud.

  2. Ahhh a misconception. There are many sandy areas on the Platte River. We even have beautiful water falls near our home at a place called Rochester Falls. Great fishing and camping.