Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chipping Sparrow

Normally the only sparrows I see in my yard are the common House Sparrow variety. Once in awhile in the winter a Harris Sparrow will show up. Yesterday that changed with the appearance of the "Chipping Sparrow"(Spizella passerina). This adorable little sparrow landed in the birdbath right in front of me, my presence scared him witless, as you can see in the second photo where he looks like a ghost. He gathered himself and perched on the side of the bird bath for a photo. These little birds are similar to other sparrows, they are about 4.75 inches in length and have a rusty colored crown and black eyeline. Males and females are very similarly marked. True to their name this little guy kept yelling "chip chip chip" at me. I assume he wanted me removed from the area so he could go about drinking some water.

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