Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blue Grosbeak

This picture was taken last August near Happy Holler Conservation Area. I drove out there taking the country roads. It was a beautiful evening for a drive. Just as the sun was beginning to set I spotted a blue bird fly in front of the car and land on a fence. I stopped and backed the car up to try and get a closer look. I discovered that is was a"Blue Grosbeak", they were given this name for obvious reasons. They are gorgeous. Very bright blue with dark chestnut colored wings. He sat on the barbed wire fence for several minutes. They are not commonly seen and I felt very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to not only see this lovely bird but to capture an image of it. Look for them near Forest edge, fields, power-line cuts, riparian areas, hedgerows, and other areas with medium-sized trees and low shrub density. They feed on insects, other small invertebrates, and seeds. During migration they will gather in fairly large numbers and feed on rice in rice paddies. Studies show that they are expanding their range and their numbers may be on the increase. So, if you have never seen one of these lovely birds, perhaps this year will be your lucky year.

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