Sunday, June 7, 2009

Severe Weather Warnings--Missouri tornado

It has always been said that if you don't like the weather in Missouri...wait a day and it will
change. Today began as hot and sunny. Joey and I mowed and weeded the yard. Around 2:00 this afternoon it came across the radio that there was a chance for thunderstorms, and they may be severe. Around 6:00 the clouds darkened and the lightening streaked across the sky. Thunder could be heard off in the distance. Weather radio stated that Andrew County (where I live) was under a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado warning. My son Joel called his friend Daniel and they set out after the storms. Seems many people had the same idea. Vortex from Texas was here, as well as many other storm chasers from across the Midwest. The storms passed through Savannah. Where we live in the eastern portion of Savannah we had a lot of rain, and some very high winds. In some portions of the county they had baseball and softball sized hail. The storms headed to Union Star. It was after the weather tracked in that direction that things got really interesting.
Tornadoes were spotted near Union Star, the hail and wind were damaging. We heard one storm chaser had his car window busted out by a large piece of hail. In our own backyard Joey and I were watching the skies. We had weird wind rotations overhead. We could see clouds moving in a northward path, then more clouds moving in a southwest fashion. They were converging overhead and creating a rotation unlike anything we had ever seen. We kept speculating whether or not a tornado would suddenly fall from the sky right above us. Suddenly the wind picked up speed and gusted through the yard. Trees were bent sideways. The temperature raised to about 90 degrees, it was like stepping into a blast furnace. This was really strange because the temperatures were in the lower 80's until the storm hit, then they dropped to the low 70's. The wild wind brought HOT air. It left as quick as it came. Very strange indeed. My son returned home around 9:15.
He said it was exciting near Union Star where he and Daniel were. At one point the hail hit his truck so hard it scared them. the rain was pelting down so heavily that he couldn't see to drive and had to pull off the road to keep from hitting anyone. He said there were about 50 storm chasers up there. Red Cross was there, as well as many of the armored storms chaser vehicles, and a helicopter flying over. We saw them drive by our house headed to Union Star. He said it rained so hard at one point they watched a dry field turn into a lake in about 10 minutes. No tornadoes were spotted by them, and they decided to head home instead of continuing on to Amity, MO where the storm was headed. He said the rain was too heavy and he just couldn't see. The pictures here were taken by my son in Union Star. The one at the gas station shows how dark the sky was at 7:00 PM. The first picture shows the rain coming down, if you look close you can see the top of the trees bent over in the wind. Right now as I am sitting here I can hear thunder rumbling again. perhaps round two is on its way? Never a dull moment in MO.

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