Friday, August 7, 2009

Lovely Nature Poem

Nature’s beauty is divine.
Nature is serene.
Sunflower loves sun’s glare.

Flowers’ fragrance fills the air.
Colors being vibgyor and more;
Eyes sparkle and ask for more.

Leaves are green and green.
Autumn sheds all this green.
Between winter and summer swings the spring;

Plants are back in full swing.
Green environment looks awesome.
Flowers bloom and blossom.

Colorful butterfly flirts with flower;
Sprinkling pollens all over.
Swaying leaves look graceful.

Brushing wind sounds peaceful.
Dew drops on leaves and petals glisten and shine.
Oh! Nature, you are divine!

Poem By: Srimathi Raman


  1. Wonderful photos. Enjoyed this very much

  2. awesome this is too good please post some more like these :)

  3. Thank you, I definitely need to post some more photos and poetry. I am seriously negligent in getting updates on this blog. I focus more on my insect blog.