Monday, August 10, 2009

Nashville Tennessee

Cumberland River

We are in Tennessee this week. This is our last day in Nashville, and tomorrow we leave for Townsend Tennessee, near the Smoky Mountains. We will be staying in a cabin near the mountains. I thought I would share some of the scenery of Nashville. Even though this is a blog about Missouri, I thought we could depart for a bit and visit our neighbor to the east, and enjoy the beauty they have to offer.

Coal Barge Moving against the current on the Cumberland River

The Andrew Jackson Showboat seen in the distance, docked on the Cumberland River

The Two-Rivers Park walking bridge. This is a great walking and biking trail and gives beautiful views of the river.

Gray Squirrel came to visit.

The Grand Old Opry

Cooter's Museum-

where you can see everything Dukes of Hazzard. I can remember as a child watching Dukes of Hazzar-d each week. It was no miss television night. My brothers were huge fans. Touring this museum brought back a lot of fond memories. Our son is a huge fan of the reruns, and even painted his first 4X4 truck General Lee orange.

Ryman Auditorium--the birth place of the Opry.

Music Row downtown Nashville.

Very scary at night, lots of homeless vagrants, begging for handouts. I would be scared to death at night down there alone. Well on second thought I wouldn't be down there at night alone! It was a happening place. Lots and lots of bars, all booming with country music. People roaming the streets, and sightseers everywhere. One old homeless man, missing an arm followed us for several blocks begging for money. He reeked of alcohol and was incapable of any kind of normal communcations skills. To see people actually living like that, sure makes you grateful for the life you have. One of security and full of human comforts.

Nashville Military Cemetery

Tranquil and beautiful, the Nashville Military Cemetery is well worth visiting. Thousands and thousands of soldiers and their families find their final resting place here.

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  1. So many trees. I would never have guessed. What does it say when I thought Cooters was slightly more impressive than the GOE?? Hee hee.