Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Holler Conservation Area

Happy Holler is located about 8 miles North of where I live. It encompasses 2207 acres. The 102 River borders portions of the area and offers great fishing. We make many visits out there to fish for catfish.
Pictured here is my daughter Shaylyn and her boyfriend Jake, while they ended up not getting a single bite on this trip to the river, they did have fun trying. The area also offers a large lake for bass fishing, and bird watching. I captured these images of a tree swallow, white heron and Prothonotary warbler while Kayaking this spring.


Deer are plentiful in the area as well as turkey and you're almost guaranteed to see one or the other long about evening time. 
I love to drive the country roads that wind all through the area, I always see a lot of wildlife, beautiful wildflowers and tons of birds. If you like hunting, it is permitted within the boundaries of the conservation owned property. Horseback riding, hiking, and picnics are all activities that are easily enjoyed here. 

One of my favorite passtimes is to hunt for insects. I spend a large amount of time out at Happy Holler poking around in the wildflowers searching for whatever insects I can find. I am rarely disappointed, like pictured here is a stilt bug on a guara plant.

Here is Missouri Primrose which is plentiful all around the area, and certainly pretty to look at.
If you get the chance to visit this Conservation Area, do so. You won't be disappointed.


  1. Happy Holler. Who could resist a place with a name like that? Your photos are a real treat! And I love to see a young woman with a fishin' pole!

  2. I love Happy Holler, and you are right who can resist a name like that, I know I can't. The young woman is my one and only daughter, I'll make an outdoor lover outta her if it kills me...LOL