Thursday, September 24, 2009

Miss Fluffy

Oh it's a Cats life.....
eat, sleep, and yawn,
   eat, sleep and yawn......
Catch a mouse,
catch a bird....."Did I say that? Don't tell my humans!"
"Ohhhh, all this hard work makes me tired."


  1. I would love one day as a cat right now. :)

  2. You and me both Julia. To have nothing better to do than stretch out a compfy bed, and sleep the day away. Ahhhh what a life.

    We love Miss Fluffy too. She was an Alley Cat rescue. My daughter found her roaming around an alley near her great-grandmas house about 12 years ago. We've had her ever since. She is definitely queen of the yard around her, trouble is she knows it!

  3. Cats are great, and good to have around! Except for the bird thing... reminds me I need to get another bell and collar for our Princess... :)