Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Bullfrogs are a sure sign of summer, their loud croaking signaling their desire to find a mate. Or maybe they just sing so loudly as sign that life is good, and it's great to be a frog. We have a koi pond in our backyard and it attracts numerous bullfrogs. One spring we were cleaning the pond out to get it ready for summer enjoyment. I noticed a movement in the bottom sediment once the pond was drained. I had to look twice to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Sure enough, this bullfrog had legs growing from his mouth. Was this some sort of mutant frog? Had some weird chemical leached into the water causing such an odd malformation? Upon closer inspection-----it appears bullfrogs are cannibals. This large frog had consumed one of his cousins, or perhaps sibling, right before my eyes. I have not looked at bullfrogs the same since.

Once the hot summer months arrived, many more bullfrogs showed up at this pond. At one point I had counted 15, in various sizes. Each evening was filled with their loud singing. These Don Juans of the amphibian world were relentless. Croaking with all their might well into the wee morning hours. Finally daybreak brought silence. Sleeping with the windows open on cooler evenings would bring with it a serenade of epic proportions. Once in awhile the smaller frogs would meet an untimely demise by some hungry Garter Snake. I'm thinking these snakes hunted down the noisy little frog and silenced him!

Is it me or is this frog smiling? He looks just a little too pleased with himself. He's probably the little blabber mouth that kept me awake.  Regardless of the noise they make, I can't help but like these little green hoppers. I enjoy sitting by the pond watching them stalk their insect prey, and apparently sometimes each other. As they lazily float around on the lily pads I can't help but be envious of their relaxed life style. How grand would it be to float around on a soft bed in a cool pond on a hot day?


  1. Do I confess what my true feelings about bull frogs are?? Or do I laugh since they eat each other. ;)

    You got some good pictures regardless!!!!

  2. LOL, please do tell. I confess to having a love/ hate relationship with noisy amphibians.