Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flowers and Frogs

Pretty tulip all red and white
Little did you know what would turn up inside
A little tree frog, hopped into sight.
Unexpected surprise, on the wind he did ride.

Tulip in the wind shaking to and fro..
Still the little tree frog held on tight....
The wind battered tulip held this little beau
Keeping his perch til night.

Suddenly to the right, a sound,
A tiny cousin, a Boreal Chorus Frog sang out loud.
Small it's true, with eyes bright and round,
He sings with feeling, his notes abound.


Night has risen, day is done
Frogs everywhere, gray and green
With songs all joined, the chorus is begun
I sit and I listen, as is my routine.

Spring and Summer oh what a joy.
But alas the season must end.
Winters wind does summers heat destroy.
Now I must sit and wait for the return of my friends.

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