Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ice Crystals

Last week the cold temperatures brought with them a gorgeous display of ice crystals. They were hanging from every available surface. Photographing them proved challenging for no other reason except the very windy conditions. Flapping leaves, sticks and other vegetation are difficult to bring into focus. I really wanted to capture at the very least some passable images of this wonder of nature, before it disappeared. All too often things like this are fleeting.

The bright blue behind this image is an illusion. The sky was actually dark and gray and very uninviting the day I took these images. By using the macro lens and the automatic flash, it blue out the background and created this lovely shade of blue. Reminds me of a Colorado sky.

Our snowy world is changing right now. Almost all of the snow has melted, which caused localized flooding of the rivers. Ice jams were butted against the bridges which created other problems. The back flow of water contained so much trash, I even spotted a refrigerator. I am constantly amazed at the stuff people will dump near Rivers; for it to carry away later when the waters rise. Then it becomes some poor individuals problem down stream. I know we are far from out of the woods when it comes to additional snow fall. From the predictions I've heard, we could see as much 25 inches in February. UGH!!! This is going to be a long winter, especially for a self proclaimed lover of hot weather. I need sunshine, and temperatures above 70 before I even feel human. I roam through winter and grumbling, growling beast of a former person I once recognized as myself. 

Please Summer, return to me!

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