Monday, January 4, 2010

My Snowy World

Thought I would share a few images of the snow that blankets my world right now.
The first is a dock located at Happy Holler Conservation Area Lake in Savannah, MO

This is a large snag of trees located at HHCA lake. In the spring and summer this is an excellent place to kayak and fish for bass.

A snowy cornfield

A snow covered Hedgeball. In the summer these oddities are lime green in color. The freezing temperatures soon turn them a chocolate brown color. Many people place these odd balls in their basements as natural insect control. Not sure if it works, but would be great if it does. Certainly better than pesticides.

While driving along the gravel roads in the country we spotted numerous nests in the dormant branches of the trees. So well hidden in the foliage of summer, they become exposed with the absence of leaves.

Nest #2

This darling little red fox squirrel was making the snow fly as he dug around for nuts and corn in this snow covered field. He had excavated about a 5 foot round circle out of the snow and was consumed with looking for food.

I am a self-proclaimed hater of cold, but even I have to admit getting out on such a blustery, cold, sunshine filled day was fun, and we were blessed to see many wonderful things. Even getting stuck in the snow in a ditch didn't dampen my mood.


  1. Your snowy world looks beautiful and peaceful. I love the little red fox squirrel but then I am kind of partial to little red fox squirrels :)

  2. Thank you Rural----I have to admit Little Red Fox Squirrels are a favorite of mine as well. I've had the pleasure of rehabilitating many of them over the past 6 years. They are so much fun.

  3. I am a bit jealous of all this SNOW you all are having. Me need a snow break!!

  4. Oh can have it! We've had about 20 inches of snow in the past 2 weeks. It was so beautiful when it first started falling, now it is just a pain. We've had so much drifting with high winds and have had to blade the driveway out many times. Our highway has been down to one lane on several occasions making traveling treacherous. As if the snow isn't enough to contend with we've had dangerously cold temperatures. Most nights the windchill has been -20 or colder. During the day it has been in the teens or single digits. I must admit that I love the way it changes the landscape, and it is certainly better than looking at the dormant trees and brown grass.

  5. "Hedgeball." Interesting--I've never seen that name for them. Here (Texas), people call them "horse apples."

  6. Joy---I've heard of "horse apples" but had no idea they were the same thing as what we call Hedgeballs. I learn something new everyday. Thanks for stopping by.