Friday, May 21, 2010

Raccoon Eyes

 My eyes are finally open and I can see the world around me for the first time. I'm not sure who this crazy lady is who keep putting a bottle in my mouth and wiping my bottom? She talks sweet "baby-talk" to me.

 I like climbing on her and and scratching her with my sharp claws (and she never complains). Sometimes she tries to hug me, cause she says I'm SOOOOO cute, but I do NOT like to be hugged. I will forgive her though, cause she feeds me.

 This new home isn't like my old home, but it is pretty good, even if the crazy lady wears Popeye socks, she isn't too bad.


  1. So you two are getting along well then! Yeah for little raccoons!!

  2. Yes we are getting along famously. She is so precious. I now have a second raccoon. This one is a male and isn't doing very well. He is extremely dehydrated and malnurished. I think the people who brought him into the department where I work lied when they said they had him for 2 days and did not feed him. I think they have had him for a much longer period of time and fed him things he shouldn't have had. It has made him very sickly. He took to the bottle immediately, and they NEVER do that. It always takes them awhile to get used to it. My gut tells me they found him, and thought he was cute and wanted to raise him, then realized how much work it is and then did not know what to do with him. Voila, now I have him. It makes me so sad.

  3. She is pretty sweet, but then I am reminded that she won't be this size for long...UGH!