Monday, May 10, 2010

Raccoon Rescue

This precious little bundle is a two week old Raccoon. It was given to me by one of the Conservation agents in NW Missouri. Apparently a lady living in NW Missouri came into her kitchen to discover that her dog had brought her a present, in the form of this little baby. Fortunately the dog did not hurt the raccoon, but it sure freaked his owner out. She called the agent in her county and he in turn called me and asked if I could care for it. After caring for several raccoons many years ago I had made a promise to myself (and my husband) that I would NOT care for raccoons again. Once I laid eyes on this sad, orphaned baby I could not say no. She came home with me two weeks ago and was approximately a week old. In the picture above she is two weeks. At three weeks they open their eyes, although she has not done so yet. I really think she is a runt, and therefore a little behind what is considered average or normal. It took two days to get her to suck a bottle. It just did not feel like mommy, so she rejected it, but patience paid off and I finally coerced her into sucking.

  Raccoons are one of the cutest mammals in North America. They are also one of the most destructive forces known to the animal kingdom. There is nothing a raccoon can't get into or out of. Life is going to get real interesting here on the "Cox Farm" this summer. This little girl will be with us until September when she will then be old enough to survive on her own. I will keep you all updated on her progress.

 In this picture she is sucking on my finger, much like human babies they have a strong need to suck, even after getting their belly full, I am considering a pacifier for her.
Is this not the cutest little baby ever? I'm such a softy.


  1. Oh boy! I remember your other racoon post... so I was indeed surprised to see the little one. Doubt I could resist, and hope that this one goes gently into that good forest one day :)

  2. Alexis.ludwig@yahoo.comApril 30, 2012 at 9:28 PM

    Hey, Im interested in adopting a raccoon. My uncle owned one and taught me much on there care, his raccoon has since passed away and i find myself missing having one of these little trouble makers around. Problem is I haven't the slightest clue on where to adopt one. Do you know where I might be able to adopt a baby one?

    Please email me if you know. :)