Saturday, February 20, 2010

More snowy weather

There seems to be no end to the snowy, cold weather that we are experiencing in NW Missouri. Yesterday the weatherman predicted an inch of snow.......after 4 inches fell it became apparent he miscalculated! Looking out the front door, the snow was coming down so heavy I could barely seen our grain bins across the driveway.


This view is of a corn field across the highway from where we live. The snow was such a wet snow that it clung to the sides of the trees. It was fast accumulating on the highway and made traveling treacherous.

(House Sparrow)

I threw some dried cranberries, sunflower seeds and leftover nuts into the front yard. The birds were grateful, as they scratched around in the snow,looking for the treats. House Sparrows, Cardinals, Starlings, Chick-a-dees, Harris Sparrows and American Goldfinches all showed up for dinner.

(Harris Sparrow)

(Northern Cardinal)


The weatherman is calling for 2 more inches of snow tonight and an additional 5 inches tomorrow. The farmers almanac said that we could get 22 inches of snow in NW Missouri throughout the month of February, appears that they are correct. I can't remember a time in my life when I was more ready for spring and the return of warm weather.


  1. It was 45 degrees with a lttle bit of sun yesterday in central MO. However my best friend, in SW MO, was enjoying close to 60 degree temps. Funny how different the weather was across our great state yesterday!
    Today it's pouring buckets here. My pasture looks like a swamp!

  2. I agree it is funny how different the weather can be, Missouri is a rather large state from top to bottom. Yesterday it was 34 and partly sunny. it started to snow again last night, and today they are calling for up to 6 more inches of snow. They are say we could get up to 8 inches with this storm. I honestly can't remember a time when I was more ready for spring. We haven't had one day that has reached above 44 since the first of December. I feel like I fell asleep and woke up in Alaska! I envy your best friend and her near 60's weather.

  3. The pictures are awesome, however I'm wonder how these little pretty birds get their food in such snowy weather?

  4. Thanks Birdy, I always wonder the same thing. It seems an impossibility that they can survive in such extreme weather conditions, but somehow they do. I watch them scratch around bushes and trees looking for seeds. Some species will peel the bark away from trees with their beak and look for insect larvae. They are resourceful for sure.

  5. If it makes you feel any better we're under a sheet of rain right now with another week worth on the way. Can you say floating? Well maybe not that bad but it's going to be a wet week.

    I love the photo of the cardinal in the snow.

    I always wonder about the hummingbirds here in cold weather. But somehow they find food and shelter and avoid freezing to death.

  6. I'm not sure which is worse, too much snow or too much rain. Either can sure be a pain. As it stands right now we are 20.5 inches above normal for snowfall in our area. We've had 34.7 inches of snow since the first of December....UGH! As beautiful as it is I have to say I am officially sick of it.

    Cardinals are such a gorgeous bird, I recall one winter a few years ago I counted 19 males in our yard feeding. It was an awesome sight.