Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Snow Brings Hungry Birds

The feeders at our house are busier than a McDonalds on Friday night. Black oil sunflower seeds scatter all across the ground as these greedy birds flock to the feeders, beaks frantically and furiously gobbling at the seed as if it were their last meal. Messy messy birds!

This little Hairy Woodpecker seems to be saying "Who you talkin about? I'm not makin no mess!"

"You can't see me! 
This little mockingbird ate his fill of the crabapples and appeared to be so full he was reluctant to fly.
Wonder if he was able? 
"can we say glutton?"

"How dare you call us messy!" Ummppphh see if I eat here again, such insults!

"hey you! Down there! More food.....pleassseee"

It doesn't get any better than this!


  1. I miss feeding our birds!!! I stopped when the bags were getting in the mid 25 per 50 lb. It was getting really expensive to feed them, but I am thinking I can start up again now. Fuel is down and some other expenses. We used to sit at the table and watch the feast while we feasted.

  2. I had kind of laid of feeding our birds for awhile as well. Not so much a cost factor as it was laziness. Then the local Orcheslin's ran black oil sunflower seeds on sale for $15.00/50lbs. I grabbed up two bags and I now have very happy birds. This has been a particularly hard winter here, and I can't help but feel sorry for our winged friends, even if they do make a BIG MESS!!! LOL