Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nature's Mimic

As predicted in my earlier post, this mornings snow didn't stay long. The afternoon temperatures reached the mid-40's and the snow was gone be 3:00. The Mockingbird on the other hand stuck around here all day. I was able to get within a few feet of him and take these pictures. These are one of my favorite birds. Usually each spring and summer we have one that entertains us from the treetops with it's variety of vocalization skills. We've heard honking horns, squeaking gates, babies crying, dogs barking and cats meowing all from this bird. As well as various bird songs from other species also added to his repertoire. This one seemed very friendly and curious. He didn't even fly far when our nosy cat made an appearance, they were only a few feet apart and the bird seemed more curious than afraid of our cat. Either a very brave bird or a very dumb bird. I look forward to seeing more of this individual as the season goes, so I hope he stays nearby.

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