Monday, April 27, 2009

Skunky Adventure

Two summers ago my husband and I went to a farm his family owns in NWMO. As we were driving across the pond dam I noticed a skunk in the corn field . We stopped on the pond dam and I walked into the corn field. I had my camera with me and was determined to get a picture. I proceeded with caution. Within about 30 feet the skunk spotted me and looked at me. It wasn't long before the skunk thought I was way too close. It began to dance on its front legs. I still walked towards it slowly. Then it began tapping its front legs on the ground in between dancing on its front legs. I was approximately 15 feet from it now. dangerously close to spraying range. My husband was quick to point this out to me from the top of the pond dam. He also pointed out I would be walking home or riding in the back of the truck should I get sprayed. I was fascinated by the antics of this skunk. I think I even said something to the effect of "Oh how cute, look how she is dancing on her legs" It was somewhere at this point that she decided to chase me. I ran as fast as I could up the pond dam with her hot on my tail. I was laughing so hard I could barely run. She stopped mid-way up the pond dam and walked about 20 feet away and began digging in the dry grasses and disappeared under ground.(pictured). We determined that she had a den with babies. We left shortly after that, and never bothered her again. I will never forget my experience with this skunk that afternoon. She easily could have sprayed me at several points. It goes to show they really are gentle and would prefer to NOT spray if there is any other alternative. Truthfully if she would have let lose with a stinky stream I couldn't have blamed her. These are one of my favorite mammals, they are so absolutely adorable. Too bad they are such little stink bombs.

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